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At Greater, our dream is to create a sustainable learning and building community for techies to thrive, share knowledge and work on complex projects together.

About Greater

DevOps that pushes the limits
of conventional thinking

Greater was created by techies. The company’s management still consists of 95% consultants to this day. Because of our experiences in the consultancy world we know better than anyone what other consultants like. Greater was conceived with this in mind and we adhere to the industry’s norms and values. For us, the engineer is centre stage.


To be the leading DevOps platform for techies who want to build their talent and improve their knowledge in an environment that pushes their creative, technical and technological limits.


At Greater, our dream is to create a sustainable learning and building community for techies to thrive, share knowledge and work on complex projects together. We inspire our team to be innovative, fearless and passionate, and we provide the people, tools and support that help them pursue continuous learning and continuous improvement.

unique Culture

We make sure to listen carefully to our community. We regularly plan feedback sessions where all of us decide how to move forward with the company. This is how we make sure every employee’s voice is heard, and every vote counts. After all, if everyone wants to go left, why would we go right?

At Greater we consider knowledge our most valuable asset, and at this point we outpace our competitors. Technology is moving forward quickly, and we have to keep up! We make sure to always stay on top of these developments and to keep learning, with some help from our own Academy. Sounds GREAT, right?

People Development

We see our people as our greatest asset and continuously invest in their learning and development to help them create scalable, turnkey solutions that can deliver value for our clients across board.

Work-Life balance

We know work thrives when our people thrive. We focus on helping our people find the joy in what they do, and we create fun spaces that can help them unwind when they need fresh perspective.

Continuous Growth

We stimulate continuous growth by discovering and pursuing better ideas, better processes, unconventional thinking and out-of-the-box conceptualizations.

Based on Knowledge

It’s knowledge what drives us. Actively sharing our knowledge with each other, our customers and our community. You have to keep learning to stay ahead of the rest.

our values and what we believe in

Based on Knowledge Driven by People Created for Value

Our motto: work hard, play even harder! We know projects can be stressful sometimes, and that’s why we make sure to play as hard as we work. Having fun and unwind is just as important as doing a good job, and that’s why we try to make our working conditions and company environment a little bit Greater every year. Within Greater our culture is one of the most important things.

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The Faces Behind Greater

Three people manage Greater, and we all have the same motto: What you see is what you get. Greater is guided by these thoughts. Two of the owners still work on consultancy projects every day. Keeping on top of new tech innovations is hard, but it’s always fun! Together with a team of managing consultants, we ensure that Greater remains successful.

Richard 1

Richard van der Meijde


There has always been a dream to build something that’s bigger than yourself. Greater is the embodiment of that dream. A company by techies for techies. Not money driven but fun driven, the Greater connection is the foundation of our business.

marius copy

Marius Holweg


After 10 years as a freelancer, I was looking to be part of something more. That’s when Richard and I brought Greater to life! A real tech-based company, where everyone is connected, sharing common goals. WYSIWYG!




I connected with Greater four years ago and started off as a Linux nerd. The best part of this great company is that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Last year I became partner and I am in charge of the daily operations now.


Esme van der Meijde


They call me the heart and soul of the office. Whatever our consultants require or need; I will do anything in my power to make it happen. Running the Backoffice is a great challenge but also a very rewarding one. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! You can always contact me. 




Greater gave me the chance to build our Academy. It started with a small plan, the Academy is now changing into a fully grown educational institution. Every week a group of Greater colleagues join hands to set and achieve new Greater Academy goals.




Never underestimate Security! It’s always evolving and if not taken seriously it will do serious damage. I have made it my mission to make Greater achievements in the world of Security/DevSecOps and bring in only the best security experts on board of the Greater-ship

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