Winners of the Greater Python course 2023!

Python Retard Calculator We hebben een eenheden conversie tool gemaakt in Python. We zijn begonnen met het omrekenen van Amerikaanse eenheden (imperiaal systeem) naar de

Rody Huibers wordt tweede, gelijke partner van Gre...

Amsterdam, 20 december, 2022 - Oprichter Richard van der Meijde wijst Greaters Manager Operations en tevens goede vriend Rody Huibers aan als mede-eigenaar van de

Kubernetes at Optimal Value

On Thursday November 10th I was fortunate to be able to join the “Kubernetes at Optimal Value” event hosted by our dear friends at Fullstaq.

Security Blog Oktober 2022

In honor of October Cybersecurity month our Greater Security team would like to give you some insides. Cybersecurity comes in many different forms and today


These last few months I’ve been writing a lot for Greater and today I can give away a tiny bit of the writing process. I’ve

Temporary SSH access

This is a fun one from a while ago. Let me warn you up front though: it goes against the principle to not login on

Run Native Windows Apps in UNIX-like Systems with ...

If you’re a Linux or MacOS user you might depend on specific applications to get your work done. Whether that’s a personal project or a

Webservices part IV – Nextcloud, Traefik and...

We’ve covered quite a lot on our journey to automate the creation of one single VPS, hosting multiple websites or webapps. As you can see

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022

This year the biggest Kubernetes and cloud native experience was held in Valencia, Spain from 16 – 20 May 2022. Greater was there and in

Webservices part III – Docker compose, one-p...

Giving you a high overview of what we’ll be doing, the plan is to automate the creation of one single VPS, hosting multiple websites or

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