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We work on challenging projects with clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our way of working is embraced by an ever-growing group of loyal customers.

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The clients we work for are listed below. Not all of them, only the latest. Are you ready for some exciting new projects, and to work with one of our amazing partners?

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Our latest projects

We embrace challenges. We will continue where other companies stop. We won’t quit until the job is done.
We are proud of what we do!


App Deployment Automation

I joined Vattenfall in February 2019 to work on the Wind project of the High Availability Services team. This project was started to migrate vital

installation automation devops

Big Automation project for Idemia

Company The company where I am currently working at delivers authorization and identity cards. Situation I am working in a team of 6 Linux engineers

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Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Redora

When I first arrived at Redora I was asked to automate application deployments on existing and future virtual machines. Their preference was Ansible and that

using Jenkins CICD pipeline

Building a CI/CD pipeline for NS

At my assignment with the Dutch National Railway (NS) we have some great challenges with deploying to over 400 trains which count as 400 small


Do what you love
and love what you do


We can be brief: WE LOVE DEVOPS! Every day we work on the most challenging DevOps projects with our customers, from awareness to building complex CI/CD pipelines. This is right up our alley.

Cloud Native

Building and running applications should exploit the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model. The most important advantages are its data services, and the ability to offer limitless power.


Your application is only as strong as the weakest link. An often forgotten task: security. The Sec in DevSecOps is becoming more important and our consultants are trained to implement this correctly and continuously.


Automation is our biggest hobby! Why not try to make ourselves redundant? Let’s be honest: we all hate the repetitive jobs we need to do over and over again. We can automate anything! It’s a competition.


When you’re running dedicated Ops projects you need a talented team of Fullstack developers. We build groundbreaking apps and infra solutions for our customers with GitOps as our development model.


GitOps is the new sheriff in town! Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery, with Git at the center of your delivery pipelines. Welcome to the future way of software delivery and operations.

We are always looking for talent

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We are always looking for talented people who can help us support our clients. If you want to be part of something Greater, just contact us and let us surprise you with our beautiful organization.

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