We can be brief: WE LOVE DEVOPS! Every day we work on the most challenging DevOps projects with our customers, from awareness to building complex CI/CD pipelines. This is right up our alley, we got this.

DevOps Consultancy 

Greater is a company built by DevOps professionals offering best-in-class DevOps development and consultancy services. No matter how complex your requirements are, we can easily automate and complete the project in the most efficient manner. Our development team is highly focused on building solutions that fulfill the requirements of our clients. Being one of the reputed names in the industry, we’ve assisted many start-ups, mid-range companies, and enterprises in providing DevOps solutions. DevOps is a process that emphasizes bridging the gap between the project development team and the operations department. A well-thought-out DevOps solution enhances application delivery to a great extent.

As a DevOps solutions provider, we strongly advocate enhanced communication, integration, and collaboration between the two teams and remove every bottleneck from the software development process. Our team of DevOps professionals will provide a clear path to fasten and enhance your IT development process in a big way. Many times, ground-breaking applications and solutions are developed only by eliminating all kinds of bottlenecks, including poor collaboration, poor scheduling, and communication. We have extensive experience as a DevOps consultant and have worked with various clients in infusing an agile environment in the development process and thereby quickening the development cycle. 


Our team not only provides solutions for faster development but also lays down guidelines and standards for effective use of the existing infrastructure, development tools, etc. We also advocate the effective delivery of solutions through best-in-class agile development standards.

Why Choose Greater

The development scene is fast-changing, and enterprises are moving further away from legacy infrastructure to a more agile development methodology. Development companies are looking to accelerate their services and develop more speed-to-market solutions. No longer the development cycle is divided into various phases like analysis, development, testing, launch, and maintenance. Everything is agile now as code developed in the morning is tested immediately and gets updated in the live servers. Hence, organizations are looking forward to a viable solution to make their agile development more productive, flexible, and scalable and still provide optimal results. At our company, we have been in the field for many years. We have the experts who can guide you expertly to implement the best DevOps solutions to manage your development process and collaborate with the operations team effectively.

DevOps is the buzzword in the technology circle as it has time and again proved to enhance productivity through effective collaboration and communication between the dev and operations  departments. With Greater DevOps solutions, enterprises can breathe easy as we help them break down all problems and even provide them with optimal solutions. With DevOps in place, there are no longer any surprises in the development cycle, and everything works smoothly. Our DevOps solutions help in providing enterprises by standardizing and automating their development process, along with significantly improving their operational tasks as well. No matter whether it is infrastructure management, configuration management, environment management, solution automation, continuous integration, and deployment, we help you manage and maintain your lean operations through out-of-the-box DevOps Solutions.


Great projects for Great clients

We like to work with top notch tooling to help our customers with their most challenging projects. We help our customers succeed with their transformations to real DevOps teams with an Agile way of working, or with their (Cloud) migrations. This is what we do best.


App Deployment Automation

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Big Automation project for Idemia

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Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Redora

When I first arrived at Redora I was asked to automate application deployments on existing and future virtual machines. Their preference was Ansible and that

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