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I joined Vattenfall in February 2019 to work on the Wind project of the High Availability Services team. This project was started to migrate vital infrastructure related to monitoring windparks operated by Vattenfall to our centralized high availability datacenters.

In this project my primary responsibility is automating application deployment and upgrading for the many applications that are used by the engineers responsible for maintaining the windparks. To achieve this, I work primarily with SaltStack to automate server operations that were originally done manually and to orchestrate operations on multiple Linux and Windows servers at once.

Currently we have already moved multiple applications to our datacenters. This has allowed us to decrease much of the operational workload for the engineers and ensures that these business critical applications are highly available. As this project proceeds, we have a large amount of other applications that need to be migrated and automated. This requires constant flexibility and a willingness to keep learning both new tools and new functions of existing tools.

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