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Hi there,

My name is Dennis Perfors, 32 years old, and I am a DevOps Linux Engineer working for the Gemeente Amsterdam on the department (datapunt OIS) Research, Information and Statistics.

July 2019 I started working for the Gemeente Amsterdam and I joined a team of 10 people. In the last period more and more work came our way so our team grew to 15 hardcore DevOps Engineers.

To help our internal and external customers as adequately as possible, our team has been divided into 3 separate customer-teams. This way we can solve problems faster and more efficiently.

My daily operation mainly includes the maintaining and managing of the open stack platform. We are using Ansible and Terraform to manage these tasks.

When I started to work here, I faced a big challenge because I had to work with tools that I had no experience with. These were Postgress, Consul and Stackstorm. Luckily, I’m a quick learner and now I can no longer live without them!

I was mainly involved to deploy a new CI/CD pipeline for the external team named “DataSquads”.
This team is mainly analyzing data from various sources like IOT sensors, parking lots, collecting waste, etc.

In the Gemeente Amsterdam we are using the Openstack infrastructure from the cloudprovider CloudVPS.

I have used Terraform to orchestrate a new tenant (set of servers and neutron gateways) and we are using resource groups to deploy new instances configure the security groups.

If the resource groups and the tenants are deployed, we are using Ansible as a finish script to configure multiple servers in our project.

In our Openstack project we have written multiple IAC (Infra As Code) roles such as: Jenkins, Nginx, Postgres-cluster, Docker, Backups, Consul, Fileserver and HAproxy.
With these roles (we call them building blocks) we can quickly spin up an instance/server in the cloud environment.

We have optimized the code so we can spin up a new building block within a few minutes and prepare it for the customer’s needs.
This is a great improvement for both ourselves as for our customer!

So, if you search a great employer and do you want to work/play with opensource?

Join the greater club!

hosts: localhost
become: yes
become_user: greater - name: join greater
name: “Join the greater team”
register: greater_join - debug: var=greater_join

#Jenkins #Nginx #Postgres-cluster #Docker #Backups #Consul #Fileserver #HAproxy

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