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The company where I am currently working at delivers authorization and identity cards.


I am working in a team of 6 Linux engineers and the current environment is using the more classic tool set, such as Puppet/SPLUNK/copy based filehandlers/etc.. with a little bit of automation… But, a lot of processes are still done by hand. The security level is pretty high as you can imagine because we work with confidential data. Having this said is what makes it sometimes hard to automate.


My assignment is to funk it up and automate more processes, so the work is more efficient. This of course come’s with some new tooling and another way of working, this is also a big challenge for me… it is not all about technique but also to motivate internal colleagues to embrace the new ways of handling. The goal is to update the environment and replace tooling to automate things as efficient as possible.


In the last months we managed to update several systems and the installation/configuration of new tooling (Git/Ansible/Zabbix/Nexus/etc…) is a work in progress.
The collaboration between development and IT-Ops is improved, CI/CD is almost possible even with the high security level and different environments.


The goal is to update the environments so everybody is working together in projects that are automated as much as possible, keep the environments up-to-date so you can work on improvements and innovations to enjoy a stable and relaxed workplace (human aspect) and environments (IT aspect).

#GIT #Ansible #ELK #Zabbix #Jira #Nexus #DevOps #CICD #RabbitMQ

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